Every Little Detail...

We use UVC light diodes to kill all viruses and bacteria in the water that you may collect. It uses proteins to match the DNA of the virus and then disables the cell from being able to replicate and attach to cells inside your body, so it is dead. This is the same type of light used on buses and public transport to kill the recent COVID-19. If you are exposed to this light you could experience skin damage as it kills all cells, not just viral composite. Therefore we have a safety feature installed. When the cap is opened, the light cannot be on. Although, it only takes 10 minutes to sterilise the water.

We ensure customers get the best products and have used stainless steel bottles. This makes a good structure and is a stronger material than plastic. It is also vacuum insulated meaning the temperature within it is kept the same for a long period of time and so you can enjoy the cold essence and fresh taste of nature on a hot summer's day.

The cap, however, is different and is not like the one shown in the picture on the left.

This is our cap and full bottle. Click through the picture slideshow to have a look at our CAD model. The cap contains a UVC diode chip shown by the purple light, along with a solar cell placed on the top with 3V charge. The cap is where the magic happens. We have gone with a simple blue design but can come in various colours.