Our story


We are a group dedicated to helping as many people as we can. Whether your our clients looking to buy our bottle or poor children living in South Africa with no access to clean water, there is always a way for us to contribute. The bottle was first thought of as a way to provide those who drink contaminated water with a solution, however, seeing the cost of the resources, we have decided to help raise money to provide them with sterilized water through UNICEF.

UNICEF can make the difference the world needs. Help these poor children get water that won't pose a threat to their potential or their future. Save them. Make a difference.

This is Jacabi. She lives at home with her 6 brothers and her mum. Her job is to fetch water from afar side lakes contaminated with feces. However, due to UNICEF's WASH project, she has access to clean and crystal clear water. 

Many other kids like her deserve the chance to have sanitized water, and so our company promotes UNICEF's project through our sales. For every bottle bought, we can donate 500ml of clean water to children like Jacabi. Even though we don't have access to resources for our bottle, you can still be a part of the donation. Start donating now and help solve this problem of harsh conditions that we take for granted.